By Stefan Rust

Everyone knows the heartbreaking sound created when a bird crashes into a window. And immediately you know the damage is done. A wretched coil of feathers lies on the ground.
Millions of birds are killed each year flying into glass facades and windows. Those which aren’t killed immediately become easy prey for domestic and wild animals before they can recover and regain flight. Most collisions occur when birds see trees and surrounding scenery reflected in glass.

Fortunately Pack Safari, a tour operator for southern Africa, has taken action to prevent bird deaths from window strikes at their head quarter in Windhoek, Namibia. Herewith Pack Safari sets a benchmark and hopefully more organizations will follow to prevent unnecessary bird deaths.

When Pack Safari moved into their newly built facility a few years ago, they were disturbed to regularly find injured or dead birds on the ground below their windows. Pack Safari strongly felt that it was their collective responsibility to show leadership in creating a sustainable community that is healthy for all creatures on the property. Once they recognized that and a Sustainability Project Manager was appointed something could be done to reduce bird strikes. The solution was to attach the specialized frosty white transparent ProBird GlassCraft bird designs on the interior of all windows.
With the ProBird GlassCraft being attached, observers noted that since the attachment, there have been no reported bird collisions with the protected windows.
Now that Pack Safari has seen the results firsthand, they are moving ahead to encourage the Onjala Lodge to do the same.