Terms and Conditions – Pack Transport Vehicle Hire with Driver Services

1. Quotations & Bookings

1.1. Quotations are calculated on the basis of written itinerary provided by the Hirer. Variations after acceptance of quotation are to be submitted in writing and rental price will be adjusted accordingly.
1.2. Pack Transport will charge additional kilometres driven and costs incurred due deviation of rental agreement.
1.3. A vehicle will only be booked once written acceptance of quotation and the T&Cs has been received by Pack Transport and confirmed in writing by Pack Transport.

1.4. Cancellation Fees apply as follows
1.5. 30-15 days before arrival date: 50% of the total rental amount will be charged. 1.6. 14 days and less: 100% of the total rental amount will be charged.

2. Payments

2.1. Invoices must be paid within 3 days of receipt or before commencement of hire, whichever is first.
2.2. Payments are to be done by direct bank transfer to the account stipulated on the invoice, bank fees at expense of the Hirer.

3. Conditions

3.1. For the duration of the tour the Hirer must supply the driver with three meals a day of the same quality as passengers and similar accommodation or bonafide tour guide rooms with en-suite facilities.
3.2. Entrance fees, Tips & Portages or any other services are not included in the rental price and the responsibility of the Hirer.
3.3. In case of a technical or mechanical problem or breakdown, Pack Transport will evaluate the situation and determine the cause of action at its discretion.
3.4. Pack Transport does not guarantee a replacement vehicle at any given time or that the exchange vehicle will be identical, although any endeavor will be made to provide a vehicle with similar specifications.
3.5. Tour guides / leaders should be provided with the Pack Transport emergency number being 081 1246956 before departure.
3.6. Pack Transport vehicles are equipped with a set of tools, 2 or more spare tires and First Aid Kit.
3.7. The tour guide/leader must provide his own microphone compatible with the system of the vehicle.

4. Rules

4.1. The driver is bound to all rules set out by Pack Transport and to the Namibian law (Road Traffic and Transport Act). The driver may not be coerced to violate these by the Hirer or his representatives.
4.2. Vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system, which monitors route and the driving behaviour.
4.3. The driver may not cross a flooded river, in this case alternative route needs to be selected.
4.4. No driving is allowed before sunrise and after sunset unless pre-approved in writing.
4.5. Pack Transport vehicles may not be driven off-road and only on official Namibian roads (categories M, B, C, D) or official access routes to accommodation.
4.6. Additional Exclusions:
4.6.1. Namibia: Spreetshoogte pass and some roads in Kunene and Otjozondupa region.
4.6.2. Botswana: Roads in National Parks

4.7. Smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in Pack Transport vehicles.
4.8. Only the designated Pack Transport driver may operate the vehicle.
4.9. Under no circumstances may passengers engage in any activities or behavior that reflects negatively on the image of Pack Transport and by association Pack Safari.
4.10. Air Condition may only be turned on while vehicle is driving.
4.11. Excessive idling should be avoided and vehicle has to be switched off when stationary during game viewing in national parks.
4.12. Violation of these rules can result in immediate termination of agreement and rental and additional charges to the Hirer.

5. Liability

5.1. Vehicle and passengers are covered by Pack Transport Public (NAD 5,000,000) and Passenger (NAD 10,000,000 for all passengers) Liability insurance in case of an accident only.
5.2. Luggage and personal belonging are at owner’s risk.
5.3. Pack Transport shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from delay, sickness, injury, and death to any passenger or of their luggage or personal belongings.
5.4. Pack Transport does not accept liability for monetary claims of passengers or Hirer for any, total or partial failure to perform the contract by reason of any mechanical or other defects, breakdown, accident or any other cause including any strike or lockout, fire or act of God, or for any claims, damages and expenses arising from defects or failure as aforesaid, or any delays in starting, transit, arrival or return of any vehicle.